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100 Days to Fitness

Day 1 Weight 212.4 Pounds Pounds to Go: 32.4

How did it get to this? At 42 and 5 foot 8 I am about 70 pounds over the weigth I was when I got married and have to admit it I am obese. I used to be a competitive cyclist and really enjoy doing anything physical, in high school I was the skinny one! Now I am a lump and I have Man-Breasts, God I have man-breasts! 

The usual excuses can apply but in the end it’s your weight, you own it and it’s where you are based on your decisions.

Recently I have read that traditonal diets and reward based approaches don’t work (if I get to 200 I can have a Whopper) you need to be holistic about it and change how you live. And you have to set realistic goals. In order to meet my goal of 180 pounds I have to change how I live.

Right now I live like this.

  1. Wake Up and get kids on bus
  2. Drive to Work
  3. Sit down at computer
  4. Eat
  5. Sit down at computer
  6. Drive home
  7. Take kids to hockey/gymnastics/soccer
  8. Go to bed (late….)

I also travel a lot. There is little time that I have assigned to taking care of myself.  In the past I have tried to lose weight via diets, to some success but usually you get back to your old weight (for me always). Standalone diets are evil. This time I am going to GET FIT. While weight is the metric I am using, getting fit is a different journey than a diet. Getting fit will take three core principles.

  1. Eat better, but don’t diet per say
  2. Get more active
  3. Get more rest

By combining these three I hope to get to where I really want to be, a fit 180 pounder…still above my ideal weight but a lot thinner and fitter then I am now

I have already done some of the groundwork and tomorrow we will start talking about those.

Today is day 1, let’s see where it goes from here.

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