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Where’s the weight loss?

  • Day 6
  • Weight 211 Pounds
  • Pounds to go: 31 Pounds
  • Lost so far: 1.4 Pounds
  • Yesterday’s Activities: Quiet Day
  • Yesterday’s Sins: Probably ate a bit too much at supper
  • So have been at this for about a week, and so far weight loss has been pretty much non-existent yet. At this pace I will be waaaay off my goal, so obviously still eating too much. That will be a weakness I will have to really fight against during these 100 days. On the positive side I still have time to correct, on the negative side I don’t think I was a commited as I thought. Last night however around 10pm I had to pick up some gas and man I wanted something, anything and I fought against it and I didn’t. Felt great after I got over that urge to eat anything to put my hunger at bay. That is what it will take to make this program work. Fight everday and every minute. I am not saying that this is like a drug or alcohol addiction but I need to have the minute by minute affirmation that this is the right thing to do.

    My Mom moved recently and brought in some pictures from when I was young, man I was skinny, what happened to that guy?  Will post some pictures in the near future.

    On the physical side really getting into my stride now, I do feel a lot better then I have in a while, so while the stats don’t show it yet I am feeling better. Aim is to really start drawing off the pounds this week.  So look for some better stats moving forward.

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    Quick Update

  • Day 5
  • Weight 211.2 Pounds
  • Pounds to go: 31.2 Pounds
  • Lost so far: 1.2 Pounds
  • Yesterday’s Activities: 2 hours downhill skiing
  • Yesterday’s Sins: kept it mostly real
  • Still bogged down in the craziness that is the weekend. So not much of an update today.

    Yesterday did get in a couple of hours of downhill skiing, which in the spring like conditions that have been around lately was great!

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    WeekEnd Woes

    • Day 4
    • Weight 211.2 Pounds
    • Pounds to go: 31.2 Pounds
    • Lost so far: 1.2 Pounds
    • Yesterday’s Activities: short walk
    • Yesterday’s Sins: nothing really

    Weekends are hard when you have a family and want to keep fit. This is the first weekend of this new program and all the kids activities really make it pretty much impossible to do much in the fitness side of things. Had Hockey multiple times, gymnastics and haven’t yet gotten that wave of energy I know will come to let me do something after the kids are all in bed.

    Wasn’t even able to get my weight done this morning so this is yesterday’s stats, hope to get a weight in tomorrow. I am weighing myself only the morning around the same time, and this morning was the usual craziness of kids needing breakfast then activities. Hope to do better next weekend!!

    Yesterday had some medical appointments (not really ominous news per say, but more on that later in this blog) and just got a walk in.

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    The Fitness Club Question

    • Day 3
    • Weight 211.2 Pounds
    • Pounds to go: 31.2 Pounds
    • Lost so far: 1.2 Pounds
    • Yesterday’s Activities: 20 minute Swim, 25 minute Mountain bike
    • Yesterday’s Sins: Pizza for lunch, had a coke and ate after 7pm

    A hallmark of New Year’s resolutions is always to “Join a fitness club”. Joining a fitness club seems like the natural 1st step to get fit. I’ve joined a lot of fitness clubs in my days and it’s telling what their model is. They locked you into a lenghty contract with monthly payments because they know that most of the people who sign up won’t keep at it. I don’t know what the ratio of members who go versus members who simply pay, but I bet it’s around 1:5 or even worst. I don’t buy into this model as a fitness club has one major drawback, they are boring enclosed spaces. Some of the worst have windows showing you that outside is beautiful and inviting. They know this so they try to improve the process with TVs mounted on the walls and the equipment. There is a reason there are TVs in hospital waiting rooms, because nothing much happens. In a fitness center you are asked to disassociate yourself from the activity you are doing so the activitiy itself rarely brings enough enjoyment to keep you engaged. Being Fit is a holistic thing, it’s about doing activities and making fitness part of your life. Unless you are into the strongman or body building aspect (and I know lot of folks who are and they are not fit, or even healthy, but yes they have nice biceps) a fitness club is probably not the best way to get fit. To me being fit is enjoying activities like hiking, biking, swimming, running, skiing etc. And intertwining these activities into your daily routine. A fitness club is a routine.  I haven’t met very many people who stay with a fitness club for longer then a year or two, but people who for example get the biking bug tend to do it often for the rest of their lives.

    So now that I am trying to get fit I joined a fitness club. Huh…

    One thing is that a lot of fitness clubs are attached to a hotel and have a pool. The one I joined is attached to a hotel, Brookstreet Hotel, and has a very nice pool with a swimming lane. Swimming is awesome, low impact and works a lot of muscles. It is also about 3 minutes from my office to walk so very convient. I don’t think I will ever use the equipment, but having a pool is hard to just make happen. Swimming is a very lonely yes, but enjoyable and has a bit of variety, and as we will see in a future entry I need to get my swimming up to snuff.

    Yesterday I did a 20 minute swim while I had a short break during the day, then later in the afternoon another short ride on my new mountain bike (more about that later when I get into fit kit). Tempered this flurry of good activity with some crappy food choices 😦

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    Getting Physical…get a Physical

    • Day 2
    • Weight 211.2 Pounds
    • Pounds to go: 31.2 Pounds
    • Lost so far: 1.2 Pounds
    • Yesterday’s activities: 30 minute walk
    • Yesterday’s sins: Ate a donut

    What I am trying to do from a risk point of view is actually fairly risky. I am trying to go from a tubby hubby to a fit hubby in fairly short order. So my first stop was my doctor. You have seen all the warnings “Please consult your doctor before trying this program”. Part of being more serious about this is actually doing all the tasks that are related to it. And that makes it real as well.  Making multiple commitments to multiple people motivates as well as there are lots of folks watching for you to fail.

    I am now over 40 and that has kept me away from the doctor due to the “prostate” issue.  But that underlined again the danger here. I am no longer young, I am at risk for a lot of stuff I didn’t have to worry about before. So I got over it and had a physical. It ended up being ok and I was given the go signal for this program. Was told to drop my weight, eat better and get fitter. Roger that doc! So with a go ahead in hand I have some confidence I can push myself during this initial phase while my body says “WTF are you doing to me…isn’t Stargate Universe on the PVR, leave me alone”!

    Yesterday was day one and defnitely was a light day. Watched my food and didn’t get bogged down into any couch potato activities.  Just day one but on the lower side weightwise so far. Hope this is a trend but know I will have some bad days ahead. One rule I am trying to stick is no food after 7pm.

    The only physical thing I did yesterday was a 30-minute walk, and I integrated that into my daily routine. I had to go to the grocery store, so I brought my iphone along, parked the car and went for a quick 30 minute walk.  Had Stephen King’s Under the Dome on Audio book. Just have a few hours left and really hope Jim Renny Sr. gets his!! Music is good, but I find audible books even better as you really get very absorbed into the book as long as it’s good. And the tempo of the music is often at odds with what your body wants to do.  Books like Under the Dome or other books that are popular in airport stores are probably better as you can still focus on the road ahead, but doubt that is a scientific statement!

    Today I did a LOT more and we will talk about that tomorrow.

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    100 Days to Fitness

    March 3, 2010 1 comment

    Day 1 Weight 212.4 Pounds Pounds to Go: 32.4

    How did it get to this? At 42 and 5 foot 8 I am about 70 pounds over the weigth I was when I got married and have to admit it I am obese. I used to be a competitive cyclist and really enjoy doing anything physical, in high school I was the skinny one! Now I am a lump and I have Man-Breasts, God I have man-breasts! 

    The usual excuses can apply but in the end it’s your weight, you own it and it’s where you are based on your decisions.

    Recently I have read that traditonal diets and reward based approaches don’t work (if I get to 200 I can have a Whopper) you need to be holistic about it and change how you live. And you have to set realistic goals. In order to meet my goal of 180 pounds I have to change how I live.

    Right now I live like this.

    1. Wake Up and get kids on bus
    2. Drive to Work
    3. Sit down at computer
    4. Eat
    5. Sit down at computer
    6. Drive home
    7. Take kids to hockey/gymnastics/soccer
    8. Go to bed (late….)

    I also travel a lot. There is little time that I have assigned to taking care of myself.  In the past I have tried to lose weight via diets, to some success but usually you get back to your old weight (for me always). Standalone diets are evil. This time I am going to GET FIT. While weight is the metric I am using, getting fit is a different journey than a diet. Getting fit will take three core principles.

    1. Eat better, but don’t diet per say
    2. Get more active
    3. Get more rest

    By combining these three I hope to get to where I really want to be, a fit 180 pounder…still above my ideal weight but a lot thinner and fitter then I am now

    I have already done some of the groundwork and tomorrow we will start talking about those.

    Today is day 1, let’s see where it goes from here.

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